8:50am                    School is officially opened to receive pupils.

                                For insurance reasons, children are not allowed to enter the building before this time.

9:00am                   All pupils should try to be in attendance by this time.

10:30am                 Short Break.

11:55/12:25pm        Lunch. 

      Children are permitted to eat lunch in classrooms. If the weather is wet, all pupils stay in their classrooms.

1.25pm                    Closing time for Junior Infants

1:30pm                    Closing Time for Senior Infants and First Classes


School closes at 11.30 noon on the day before school holidays (Christmas, Easter, Summer).  Parents will be notified in advance.

The Board of Management does not accept responsibility for children arriving before the official opening time or remaining in the school grounds after official closing time.

Parents of New Junior Infants - Please Note:

For the first two weeks of September,  each teacher will be supported by an adult whilst taking the children to their numbered line in the dismissal area of the Junior Infant school yard.  Please be extra vigilant when collecting your child at all times but particularly at this early stage.  Inform the teacher that you are taking him/her each day.