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March 2018: Trip to Finland
Mrs Dunne, Ms Mullaney, and Mrs Averill went on a great trip to Finland.  They sent an email home to the pupils.
You can read it here...

Hi Boys and Girls,


Greetings from a very snowy Finland.

We are having so much fun here. This morning the Finnish boys and girls met us at their school.

They sang songs and performed dances for us.  Then we had a tour of their school. We saw some beautiful artwork.


At break time the boys and girls go outside to play every day no matter the weather! There is so so much snow here, much more than we had during Storm Emma, so some of the children ski to school. We also saw lots of the children were ice skating. Miss Mullaney joined in too!  


We walked back to our hotel in the snow. We had to wear warm coats and snow boots. Later it started to snow heavily and we were collected by car to return to school for a delicious meal. We had moose meatballs followed by ice cream with berries. There was a surprise after dinner when a special visitor who doesn't live too far away popped in to say hello. See can you spot the visitor in the photos!

Looking forward to telling you more soon,


Love Mrs Dunne, Mrs Averill and Ms Mullaney.



October 2017: Trip To Spain
Our teachers had a wonderful trip to Spain.  They wrote a letter back home to the pupils.  You can read it here...

Hello girls and boys!


Greetings from Spain! J


We arrived on Sunday to lovely sunshine. 


The school is called Jaby and is in Torrejon which is close to Madrid. The children are aged 3 to 18. There are 600 students in total, both boys and girls.  They are very friendly and happy to meet us. They welcomed us with some lovely music. 


The school is four stories high and has lots of stairs and no lift.  

Here is a picture of their yard.

On Monday we went to Europe Park where the children went on a treasure hunt. We helped them with the clues. 

Here is a picture of us at Tower Bridge where one of the clues was hidden.

We are staying in a city called Alcalá de Henares

It is a medieval town with lots of very old buildings. There is a wonderful festival at the moment and it is very busy. There are loads of decorations and stalls.

We are going to see a medieval tournament later this afternoon. We are very excited and can’t wait to tell you all about it when we get back.

See you soon


Mrs. Kirby, Ms. Collison, Ms. Mathews and Mrs. Kelly

Hosting Our Visitors:

Day Five: Friday 19th May 2017

What a fun and active final day for our guests who joined us for our annual Maths for Fun Day.

In the morning, the coordinators from each country had a meeting to review the week and confirm plans made during the week. 

Then the fun began!

They joined our junior infants for some active maths fun. The junior infant teachers did a wonderful job setting their classrooms up, each room focusing on a different maths strand. Our guests  were only too delighted to play alongside the children.


 Our guests were presented with their certificates of attendance and a farewell gift during lunch time. 

Sakine, from Turkey, treated the staff to Turkish coffee with Baklava and some Turkish Delight.  


Before we said our goodbyes, Ozan from Turkey joined Mr. Brennan and his class to sing Molly Malone.    

Day Four: Thursday 18th May 2017

Mrs. Dunne, Mrs. Averill and Mrs. Kelly and our guests went to visit Malahide Community School where they were given a guided tour of the school. Some of the teachers kindly met with our guests to demonstrate the software they use at school and how they use iPads.  Our guests then travelled to Dublin for some sight seeing and shopping.

They were joined by many of our teachers for some fun on the Viking Splash Tour. Afterwards we had a delicious meal in The Woollen Mills Restaurant.

Day Three: Wednesday 17th May 2017

Today our visitors went to visit some of the first classes. They made a presentation to the classes about their home and their schools. They showed them photographs and videos from their schools and taught them a song. The children had questions prepared so that they could learn more about their  cultures and traditions.


The children then showed them how we use iPads at school. 
They used maths splat during a maths lesson to explore the hundred square.


Amaya from Spain and Maryla from Poland worked hard during their visit and very kindly helped Heather out 

After lunch, Mrs. Kirby and Ms. Collison brought our guests to visit Pope John Paul 11 school. They visited Ms. Whyte's class and were shown a variety of apps that they use on their iPads.

That evening, Mrs. Dunne led our guests and some of our teachers on a walk around Howth Hill. We were blessed with the weather. Afterwards we had a traditional box of fish and chips and walked along the harbour.

Day Two:Tuesday 16th May 2017

In the morning, the project co-ordinators from each country had a meeting to monitor how the project is progressing and make plans for the next stage.

Our friends from Spain, Turkey, Poland and Finland went to visit some of the senior infant classes.

They made a presentation about their countries and showed the children photos of their schools so that they could see how they are similar and how they are different.  They also taught them a song.

Maryla from Poland told a story about the dragon from Krakow and how a shoemaker defeated it and became the King.

Our visitors also participated in a lesson in two of the senior infant classes. The children were using Puppet Pals on the iPads to bring their version of the story Sleeping Beauty to life. They had great fun working with the children.

In the evening, our visitors and some of the teachers went for dinner in Bon Appetit in Malahide where they had a delicious meal. The staff really looked after us.  Afterwards, they were treated to some wonderful live music in Gibney’s pub.

Day One: Monday 15th May 2017

Our guests arrived to the school today from Turkey, Spain, Poland and Finland. They were welcomed at the gates by the boys and girls from First Class and Senior Infants waving flags. Following this they were treated to a number of performances from different classes in the school hall and they got to witness some wonderful Irish dancing. They then went on a tour of our school and visited many of our classrooms. After lunch they got to take part in Aistear in some of the Junior Infant classrooms.


May 2017 - Hosting 

We are really looking forward to some of the teachers from our partner schools.

The teachers will be from Finland, Turkey, Spain and Poland.  They will visit from 15th to 19th May.


When the teachers visit they will observe lessons on iPads in different classrooms.  They will also assist in teaching Aistear in the junior infant classrooms, participate in Maths Trails in senior infant and first classes, and teach the children about their home countries.


The teachers will also take part in some cultural events around Malahide and Dublin City Centre.


We will write up a full report on the visit afterwards.



April 2017 - Trip to Poland

Three teachers from our school (Ms Mullaney, Mrs Kelly, and Ms Kingston) and our principal (Mrs Dunne) recently visited our partner school in Poland.

They spent some time learning about "coding" and seeing good practice using iPads in teaching.

They went on some cultural events to Krakow and the Salt Mines.

They brought Rocaí Rua with them (a puppet we use when teaching the Irish language).

The teachers prepared a Prezi to share with the pupils in our school on their return.

You can see all the fun they had here:

They sent a letter to the pupil's back home:

Hello from Poland


Hi everyone. Rocaí Rua here. I am visiting a school in Czaslaw in Poland. I hope you don’t miss me too much. I am here with Mrs. Dunne, Ms. Mullaney, Ms. Kingston, and Mrs. Kelly.



We are having a really great time. We visited some schools in the area and I have made lots of new friends from Poland, Turkey, Spain and Finland.

Here I am making soap with some of my friends from Finland.


Our days have been so busy.


On Monday we arrived at the school in Czaslaw. The children welcomed us. They sang songs in Polish and performed a traditional dance. It was wonderful. Here is a picture of the children in their traditional costumes.

On Tuesday we went to visit Krakow. It is a beautiful city and it was a lovely sunny day. We saw Wawel Castle and I met a fire breathing dragon. I was a little nervous taking this picture but he was very friendly.

On Wednesday we went to “Miniature Park”. It was amazing.  It is a park full of small versions of famous buildings from around the world. 

There was a huge slide in the park. Mrs. Dunne kindly took me down the slide as I was a little nervous but she encouraged me to be brave and have a go.

I have so many photos to show you from the park but I must go. We are going to visit the Salt Mines shortly. I am very excited. I will show you lots of pictures when I return to school next week.


Lots of love,

Rocaí Rua

March 2017 - Logo Competition

Each partner school held a competition to create a logo for the project.  The winner of the St.Sylvester's Infant School competition was Zofia Polanski, from Mr Brennan's first class.

Some of the elements of Zofia's logo were combined with some of the winning logos of the other schools to create an overall project logo.