Positive Home-School Relationship

It is vitally important for the young pupils in our care that a happy stimulating atmosphere, conductive to learning, is fostered within our school. It is in the interest of all of us (pupils, parents and teachers) that good relations prevail between home and school. A consistent attitude between parents and teachers is essential to the well being and security of our pupils.

The staff of St Sylvester’s always welcome the opportunity to discuss with parents any school related issue, which may arise from time to time. Where a pupil complains that he/she has been unfairly chastised, it is assumed that a parent or teacher did so with good reason and supports that person when the child complains. It is always possible for a parent or a teacher to check discreetly that there has been no misunderstanding. With mutual trust, respect and goodwill, occasional problems are easily and readily resolved.