Junior Infants 2015 - Helpful Information

posted 9 Jul 2014, 16:32 by St Sylvesters School   [ updated 29 Jun 2015, 04:33 ]

Helpful Information

Junior Infants



First Day of School: Monday 31st August

  • Please bring your child to their classroom at 9.45am

  • Please put their name badge on and show them how to hang up their coat

  • We ask parents to leave as soon as your child is settled

  • Please do not knock on the windows as this can upset other children

  • Give them a small lunch (e.g. piece of fruit/one sandwich and a drink)

  • Put spare underwear/socks in a plastic bag in their school bag

  • Leave your child’s books clearly labelled in their school bag

Day two onwards: Tuesday 1st to Friday 11th September inclusive

  • As you know the new build starts during the Summer.  The Board of Management has taken the following necessary steps to try and alleviate congestion during drop/collection time. 

  • Please bring your child to the classroom at 9.15am from Tuesday 1st to Friday 11th September.  More information to follow in September.

Home-time: Monday 31st August to Friday 18th September inclusive

  • Your child will finish at 11.30am from 31st August until Friday 18th September

  • Your child will be brought to the Junior Infant yard by their Class Teacher at home-time for collection.  We use the “Lollipop System” as described below

The “Lollipop System” promotes a safe home collection for your child

  • Your child will line up on their numbered line and will be holding a lollipop stick

  • For safety reasons, the teacher will strictly release the children to your care one by one from the top of the line only

  • Please do not call them off the line as they will have to return to their place in the line and this will upset them

  • Your child will hand their parent/minder the Lollipop stick

  • The parent/minder will then hand the Lollipop stick to the Teacher

  • This ensures we can account for every child’s safe collection by their parent/minder

  • This system is time consuming for the first few days and we appreciate your patience but it is in the interest of the Safety of all our children that we adhere to this system

  • The ‘Lollipop System’ will be in place for the first four weeks

  • Please share this system with your child minder/Crèche

Thank you and we look forward to a very successful start for all our Junior Infants.


Mrs Dunne,