Cody's Diary

posted 23 Apr 2012, 10:22 by St Sylvesters School

Green Schools

To all the boys and girls in St. Sylvester’s,


Hello!!  I hope that everyone has had a very good school year so far.  I have had a fantastic time.  I have already been on so many different and wonderful adventures with the boys and girls every weekend.  To those of you that I have not visited yet do not worry!  I look forward to seeing the rest of you very soon. 


Can anyone remember what we do when I come to visit you?


That’s right!!  We remember to turn off our taps to save water.  We turn off the lights when we do not use them.  We reduce, reuse and recycle when we are finished using things.


Already in the school we have done so many brilliant things to help our environment and you can see some of the events we have had above in some of the pictures I took.  Sandra from An Taisce came to talk to us about the different sights and sounds you can hear when you come to school; can you remember any of them?  A Garda came to our school to show some of the First Class boys and girls his very special traffic car.  We have also celebrated Road Safety Week.  For this our lollipop lady Heather came in to visit all of the boys and girls in Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class.  Can you remember what she told us?  She reminded us how to cross the road safely.  We also have a Green School Committee with boys and girls from Senior Infants and First Class who help me with ideas on how we can help the environment.


Well there is one more big thing I would like to tell you about.  I was talking to some of the boys, girls and teachers about helping our environment and we came up with a great idea.  St. Sylvester’s School are going to try and get our fourth Green Flag from Green Schools Ireland.  This is the travel flag.  This is a very special flag and would mean so much to me.  For us to achieve this we have begun Feet First Friday.  This means that all of the boys , girls (and teachers!) try their best to come to school in a green way.  You can do this by walking to school, cycling to school, scootering to school, carpooling or any way that involves you helping the environment.


Thank you guys and I look forward to writing to you again soon,



20th April 2012